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If you are ready, and truly want change…………read below


If you think about the state of the world, it is no wonder that so many of us feel distress. Life is hard and life can be beautiful. When we lose connection to peace and beauty or have never had it to begin with, it is no fault of your own. Our pain and distress is a perfect reflection of what is not going well. On the surface we cannot see this. But with an open heart, patience, reflection and awareness things come into view. Awareness is key but not the entire picture.

I sometimes have clients who say they understand what has not gone well but their pain remains unchanged. The reason for this is because change does not occur only in our awareness, but also must be felt. Working with the parts of ourselves that feel our experiences is also very important (if you are interested in learning more about this look up how the “reptilian” brain works). Creating new experience, both through a growing understanding and creating new positive emotional and physical experiences is essential to growth and well being Then there is relationship. Much of our pain has been caused within relationship. Much healing can occur in the therapeutic relationship. (You can read more about my style by clicking “Tetty”).

Change is not for the faint of heart. If you come to therapy and hope that I will bring you answers or create change for you, I am not the right therapist for you. Change and healing is a collaboration. You must be willing to take responsibility, consider things differently and try new things. If we continue to do things the same as we always have, if we hold on to beliefs and must be right about those beliefs, we continually have the same experiences. Together we can find avenues that will help you move toward healing. Many years of experience has shown me that people who are truly motivated to change, almost always do. Our inner being desires health and wholeness.

Tetty Gorfine, LMHC