While life can be full of joy and happiness, it is also hard. There are many challenges that are assured. All people will at least from time to time have some difficulty and most people in their lifetime will suffer to varying degrees. Being human is difficult.

Throughout life there are many developmental challenges; growing up, developing a relationship to oneself and others, seeking meaningful work, friends, family and partnerships. Establishing these in fulfilling and satisfying ways is not always easy. We can all experience frustration. Things do not always go as planned.

We also age and this brings many surprising challenges as we let go of both things that have been meaningful and things that have burdened us. Acknowledging the truth that life is impermanent while still finding connection and the beauty in all things brings us face to face to the duality of life. In a world full of competition, when people do not always treat one another well or with respect, it makes life hard. There is dissension between nations; racism, war, poverty and violence. It is no wonder this distress affects communities, families, couples and individuals.

Some people think it is a weakness to have trouble with some challenge, or even worse think it is weak to need help. Nothing could be further from the truth. Being social creatures, we live in relation to others. Every human needs help from time to time.

Tetty Gorfine, LMHC